Radio RIA

89.7 FM
On air since 1990, this is a Singaporean radio station that belongs to MediaCorp Pte Ltd. It features contemporary music hits in Malay and English. Some of its most popular programmes are AM Mayhem, Music Wide Ride, OverDrive, Night Bite and Hindustan 89.7fm.

Main Programs

  • Paparazzi Pagi
  • The O Show
  • Singa Maksima
  • Ria Rewind
  • Punch Out
  • Geng Burung Hantu

Main DJs

  • Azlin Ali
  • Adi Rahman
  • Fiza O
  • Dzar Ismail
  • Nity Baizura
Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Andrew Road Radio Building, 3rd storey, Singapore 299939
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