Based in London and on air since 2008, Absolute Radio is one Independent National Radio station. It is owned and operated by Bauer Radio and its team includes the following professionals: Cristian O’Connell, Frank Skinner, Ian Wright and Geoff Lloyd.


The home of the no-repeat guarantee!

Main Programs

  • Non-stop Classic Rock
  • Dave Berry's All Rock Breakfast
  • Classic Rock Mornings
  • Chris Martin
  • Hometime with Bush & Richie
  • Leona Graham
  • Non-stop Classic Rock
  • The Frank Skinner Show
  • The 80s Rock Show
  • The Classic Rock Party
  • The Classic Rock After-Party
  • The Jason Manford Show

Main DJs

  • Dave Berry
  • Chris Martin
  • Leona Graham
  • Andy Bush
  • Richie Firth
  • Claire Sturgess
  • Jason Manford
  • Frank Skinner
  • Matt Dyson
  • Emma Jones
  • Glenn Moore
  • Sophie K
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