Jazz FM

Jazz FM broadcasts a mix of eclectic music. It plays jazz, blues and soul, both new and the classic pieces of music. Some of its presenters are Jeff Young, John Osborne, Chris Gilvear and Mike Chadwick among others.

Main Programs

  • The Late Lab With Anne Frankenstein
  • The World's Greatest Jazz, Soul And Blues
  • Business Breakfast
  • Jazz Fm Breakfast With Nigel Williams
  • Midmornings With Anne Frankenstein
  • Afternoons With Jamie Crick
  • Jazz Fm's Greatest With Mark Walker
  • Dinner Jazz With Mark Walker
  • The Ronnie Scott's Radio Show With Ian Shaw
  • Late Night Jazz With Helen Mayhew
  • The Late Lab with Anne Frankenstein
  • Musica Macondo With Tim Garcia
  • Breakfast At The Weekend With Chris Gilvear
  • Nigel Williams Saturday Show
  • Yolanda Brown On Saturday
  • Jazz Fm's Greatest With Mark Walker
  • Live At Ronnie Scott's
  • The Blueprint With Chris Philips
  • Full Circle With Ruth Fisher
  • The Journey With Jeff Young
  • Sunday Afternoons With John Osborne
  • Blues & Boogie With David Freeman
  • The Sarah Ward Collection
  • Look Forward With Rathbones
  • Somethin' Else With Jez Nelson

Main DJs

  • YolanDa Brown
  • Jez Nelson
  • Helen Mayhew
  • Nigel Williams
  • Anne Frankenstein
  • Jamie Crick
  • Mark Walker
  • China Moses
  • Chris Philips
  • Sarah Ward
  • Jeff Young
  • Ruth Fisher
  • Tony Minvielle
  • Tim Garcia
  • Ian Shaw
  • John Osborne
  • Lil Koko
  • David Freeman
  • Chris Gilvear
  • Elliot Moss
  • Michael Wilson
  • Nick Howard
  • Mike Vitti
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
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