Jazz FM UK

Jazz FM

Jazz FM is a digital radio station, based in London, United Kingdom owned and operated by Bauer media as well as its sister stations scala, magic, planet rock, and greatest hit radio.

Jazz FM is a radio station broadcasting on digital radio in the United Kingdom and Malta which predominantly plays jazz music, jazz standards as well as blues and soul music. The station also plays specialist programming in a wide variety of jazz disciplines.

Jazz FM is broadcast in stereo on the Sound Digital ensemble using DAB+ technology as well as on the London 2 ensemble in mono using the original DAB technology in London. It also broadcasts in stereo using DAB+ on the Digi B 3 ensemble across the country of Malta.

Jazz FM is also available via free-to-air digital satellite on the Sky satellite platform from Jazz FM’s initial launch date in 2008 and the Freesat satellite platform from 21 October 2008. Jazz FM can also be heard via the Internet with their exclusive free iPhone application, and Google Android application, and other Internet Radio providers.

Listen live to your favorite music and presenters at Jazz FM right now.

Main Programs

  • Can’t You See Me – Roy Ayers
  • Do I Move You – Nina Simone
  • Highline – Nils Wülker
  • It’s a Jazz Day – Brenda Russell
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