LBC 97.3 FM – London’s Biggest Conversation. An entertaining, engrossing, and intelligent conversation between the presenters and the listeners, covering the thoughts and topics that Londoners are really talking about.

We believe the most memorable moments of radio are created when you join in the conversation and create the rich, interesting dialogue for which we are famed.

Radio stations in the UK are regulated by law. The statutory regulator is OFCOM which awards licenses and regulates content in accordance with the Broadcast Code. LBC strives to operate within the conditions of its license and the Code at all times and welcomes comments about its output which are considered at a senior level.

LBC Radio is a London-based radio station with a 97.3 frequency and it has been available nationwide since 2014. This station is owned and operated by Global Radio. For the national rolling news station, see LBC News.

LBC 97.3 FM (originally the London Broadcasting Company) is the UK’s first licensed commercial radio station and began to broadcast on Monday 8 October 1973, a week ahead of Capital Radio. The launch of LBC also saw the beginning of Independent Radio News broadcasting, as LBC provided the service to independent local radio stations nationwide. LBC broadcast only to London until 2006, at which time it became available, via digital radio, in some other parts of the country. It has been available nationwide since 2014.

LBC claimed to be the first radio station in the world to provide full-length podcasts for all its major shows, plus podcast-only shows and other things such as backstage interviews and mp3s sent to the show, under the name LBC Plus.

Whether you want the latest on current affairs, news or want to join in the conversation around UK politics and culture, you can listen to LBC live as we stream our talk radio show daily to make sure we are bringing you the latest interviews, news and commentary so you will always be up to date on what is happening in the UK, Europe and beyond.

You can sit back and listen to the best current affairs shows in the world or phone in and talk with the likes of Rachel Johnson, Iain Dale, James O’Brien and Nick Ferrari, along with the big-name guests who are at the center of the key stories of the day.

Whether it’s the Brexit debate or feminism, news and current affairs home and abroad, LBC 97.3 FM is Leading Britain’s Conversation

Welcome to LBC – the home of live debate. Listen to LBC 97.3 FM right now, to keep up to date with the most interesting news!


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