Do you need the newest sounds from electro to start your day or get creative during the day? Then, listen to what your heart desires and tune into Frisky Radio. It is ranked no.190 on our top list from our listeners. With a total of three streams, you are permanently and in every field updated.

FRISKY is the home of underground electronic music. FRISKY is a global underground electronic music service. With the world’s largest catalog of exclusive curated DJ mix sets from artists and DJs worldwide, FRISKY is the only music service of its kind.

FRISKY is a groundbreaking electronic music internet radio and DJ mix. FRISKY is a revolutionary underground electronic music streaming service featuring the largest catalog of DJ mixes at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Frisky Radio is light and very easy to use, so you can keep listening to free music while doing other activities with your phone.

Frisky Radio – the house of underground electronic music. This station is unique. It was launched in 2001 as a streaming radio in the magnificent San Francisco. The founder of the station, referred to below, was inspired by his love of underground electronic music.

The station gained many fans around the world. Nowadays, it has the largest collection of exclusive, human-curated electronic music DJ mixes from the most famous DJs in the world. It offers us the opportunity to connect live with our favorite music and DJs we love. The station’s founder was born in Manhattan, and he has more than 16 years of success in digital audio and media.

Main Programs

  • FRISKY | Closure – June 2021 – Nicko Izzo

New York City, USA


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