WCOA – News Talk 1370 AM

WCOA - News Talk 1370 AM

Do you want to wake up with the latest hits from talk to have a great start? Listen to what your heart desires and tune into the top station WCOA – News Talk 1370 AM for the age group über 65. On the list of the most popular stations, WCOA is listed on 367th position. With this format one is well entertained. Instead of music, WCOA puts the focus on interesting contributions.

News-Talk 1370, WCOA is Pensacola, Florida’s first radio station and is now the city’s home of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck.

News Talk 1370 WCOA AM continues to do what it has always done best for the past 90 years – provide local and national programming along with news, sports, weather and traffic information to the Pensacola community. All contents are provided in English.



Pensacola, USA


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