For stress relief, there is nothing better for you than jazz? Listen to what your heart desires and turn on WLRN News of NPR. It is ranked no. 540 on our top list from our listeners. Here the listeners are provided with a diverse bouquet of forty podcasts and eleven streams. WLRN News concentrates on the music selection and dispenses with moderation

WLRN is committed to being the most trusted source of information and entertainment in South Florida’s diverse community. Licensed to the school board of Dade County, WLRN is best known for its award-winning public radio and television programs, but its services go well beyond the airwaves.

WLRN is a multifaceted media enterprise comprising television and a radio station, cable services, and closed-circuit educational channels. New digital television and radio channels now complement more traditional broadcast services, making WLRN a valuable public media source.

WLRN offers underwriting sponsorship to businesses that wish to reach an affluent, educated, and local audience. Over-the-air, streaming and digital partnerships are available.

WLRN offers a rich and varied mix of news and information, arts and culture, childhood education, and lifelong learning.


Miami FL, USA


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